‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6, episode 8 spoilers: Want more Peter Weller?

Barosky -If you would have told us prior to the start of this season that Peter Weller was going to appear in more episodes of “Sons of Anarchy” this season than Donal Logue, we would have looked at you like a crazy person. After all, Charlie Barosky was not someone we originally envisioned to be a major part in the story, primarily because the “RoboCop” star was busy directing select episodes behind the camera and we didn’t quite know how much time he would have to do some work in front of it.

But Weller will be back for Tuesday night’s “Los Fantasmas,” and we for now ponder the following question: Was there a transference of energy between this character and Toric? Originally, the plan was for Logue to be around for almost the entire season, but that changed courtesy of production on “Vikings” season 2 being pushed up to where it started filming a little bit earlier than originally expected. This means that some other characters had to fill in the cracks, and it feels like D.A. Patterson and Barosky are the two who have the most story to tell.

Also, it feels like Barosky is one of the most powerful men in the room going into Tuesday night, at least when it comes to having the power to turn the members of SAMCRO in. He’s got the past connections to the force, and he also has an offer of sorts on the table. While they are a business asset, at the same time there comes a point where they are not worth the trouble anymore. Dealing with Venus last week may be mostly important long-term in how it pushes him to think of just what he wants to do with the club; while we love Walton Goggins, this story in itself did not have that many long-term implications.

Weller is beyond a shadow of a doubt a fearsome actor, and he could work well in the supplemental Big Bad role should the writers take him there. All we can say is that he will be around on Tuesday, and as he starts to be pushed more and more to the limit, you have to imagine that Barosky is going to play a pretty critical role in the season’s endgame.

You can take a look at another preview for Tuesday’s “Sons of Anarchy” episode focusing on Jax here, or you could also take a look at some information from the show’s Emmy panel this weekend.

Photo: FX

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