‘Homeland’ season 3, episode 5 preview: What is Saul’s new ‘mission’?

The latest -Saul has taken on a variety of different and very difficult missions on “Homeland” over the years, but we somehow wonder if what he is up to now may be one of his most difficult to date. Why is that? Basically, because it involves having to actually try and act like a normal human being, and schmooze with people that he would rather not schmooze with.

One of these said people is Senator Lockhart, who was leading that committee that backed Carrie Mathison into a corner earlier this season. He meets up with the Senator in the sneak peek video below from Sunday’s new episode, and the two apparently decide to team up to hunt a very different sort of adversary: Geese. Actually, Saul thinks that they are going after duck at first, but that notion is quickly corrected and he learns the real truth.

The struggle for Saul when it comes to cracking Lockhart is going to be mostly a battle of leverage. While he has made some great strides publicly to show that he and the CIA are moving forward and taking down the attackers on Langley, there’s a lot of rebuilding still to do here. You’re talking about one of the biggest tragedies on American soil since 9/11, and it is going to take more than just a little bit of hunting to get everyone on the same page again. Saul also of course is hiding a lot of secrets, including that “twist” (which is still a curse in our mind) that the entire first four episodes were there only because the show wanted to be magicians for a few minutes and try to make you think that Saul and Carrie were actually at odds. It’s almost like you were made to feel silly for believing what they wanted to believe only to pull out the rug and scream “ha ha” at us.

We’re mostly curious with Saul to see how long he can continue to play this game, and what will happen when Nicholas Brody inevitably enters the picture again in the future. You know that it is going to happen eventually, and it is all just a matter of when.

What do you think about this “Homeland” video? Click here if you want to see another one from Sunday’s episode, with the focus of it being almost all around Carrie and what she is up to.

Photo: Showtime

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