ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3 spoilers: Gabriel Mann on how Nolan, Emily could be at odds soon

The latest -Does Emily Thorne have a sidekick on “Revenge”? We don’t know if we would use that specific term, but it is pretty clear that in Nolan Ross, she has someone who is a devoted confidante, and she can trust to help her achieve most of her missions without fear that he is going to resist or betray her in any way. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible for any sidekick to be on the same wavelength as their hero or heroine, and this is what makes the situation between Nolan and Emily so complicated. While they may have quite a bit in common most of the time, they also have their own priorities and goals that could cause trouble.

But what does Gabriel Mann himself have to say on that subject? Speaking about it to Entertainment Weekly, the actor explained that there could be something in Nolan’s own personal life (Patrick?) that could cause him to struggle a little bit to do just what she wants from him:

“Her one-mindedness about getting this revenge, I think, sometime doesn’t always account for other people’s feelings…I can guarantee you she’s going to get some serious push-back in terms of forging ahead. I think as much as Nolan is devoted to helping her accomplish her goals, if it starts to come into opposition to things Nolan might want personally in his life, they might have some beef. They might have some words.”

Now, of course our own personal issue with this is just that we have never fully bought in to the notion that Nolan is actually in love with Patrick, or really even wants to do more than hook up with him. The moment that he found out who he was, he could have seen this as an opportunity to try and use him in a certain capacity to get what he wants. (Then again, at the same time it also felt strange that Patrick very briefly resisted the advance, almost like he himself had to program it into his brain that this is something he should be going for in order to trick and manipulate.)

We will have a little bit more on this subject very soon courtesy of tomorrow night’s new episode, but for now pay a visit over to the link here to watch a sneak peek!

Photo: ABC

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