‘The Good Wife’ season 5, episode 5 preview: That big Josh Charles, Julianna Margulies scene

The latest -Just how high of an opinion does CBS have about their new episode of “The Good Wife” airing on Sunday night? Let’s just put it this way: They have unveiled a whopping number of sneak peeks from the hour, especially compared to what they have released of installments in the past. The goal for this from this standpoint is obvious: They want people watching, and they know that they have a phenomenal episode here  in “Hitting the Fan” that deserves fans attention. They have been hyping up this episode now for weeks, promising it to be a game-changer as Will angrily lets Alicia go after learning about her plans with Cary.

Scene 1 – The Reveal. It is Diane that first reveals the news about Alicia and Cary looking to start their own firm in a conversation with Will, who appears at the moment to be rather shell-shocked. Not only has he found out the truth about Alicia, but that she has been planning this for three weeks.

Scene 2 – The Confrontation. This is the one that you are probably going to remember the most. It’s shocking, and these are the performances that Josh Charles and Julianna Margulies will be submitting for Emmys later this year almost without a doubt. The most shocking part is probably when Will instructs Alicia to leave, and she gives him a quick answer: No. Gauntlet thrown.

Scene 3 – The Threatening. Peter, now that he is the Governor-elect, decides to throw around his power in a heated phone call with Will. Will does not seem to be particularly impressed, but we do find it interesting that Peter decides that he is suddenly going to stand by his wife.

Scene 4 – The concerns. The timeline of this one is a little bit unclear, since it may actually take place before Scene 3. However, the important thing about it here is that Diane is concerned about whether or not the Alicia situation is going to damage her attempts to become a judge. Based on what Eli says, she is going to be in the clear. Personally, though, we would not be stunned to see it spiral to the point where it is a part of the problem.

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Photo: CBS

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