ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6: What Nathan Fillion wants for wedding with Rick, Stana Katic’s Beckett

Castle and Beckett -Is there going to be wedding chatter on “Castle” season 6? Right now, it’s clearly the next step in Castle and Beckett’s lives, and while there may or may not be a ceremony at the end of this year, we are at least going to see the two start to sit down and have some of the discussions all about what they want. After all, these are two people with incredibly strong opinions, and also two people who are not always particularly romantic. One other thing that you have to remember here is that Beckett has never been married, and Castle has. That is a pretty important distinction, when you think about how she may value the spectacle of the ceremony a little bit differently than he does.

As for what Nathan Fillion himself wants to see, we almost gets the sense the he wants to take a vacation as much as he also wants Rick to. Just take a look at his comment via TVLine on the subject:

“I am, myself, not a huge fan of the big church wedding with everybody in stuffy suits. I’m a fan of the beach wedding, with everybody in linen. And if it meant an episode [filmed] in a tropical location, then that would be great, too.”

We want to see a Caskett wedding as much as the next guy, and the most important thing for us is that it is creative, just like the author in Richard Castle is. One reason why we would actually buy into this “tropical wedding” idea is that it would turn the episode into more of an event. It would also not be as difficult to do as you would first think: The show films in Los Angeles already rather than New York (despite what we may see on TV), so it would not be that big of a strain on their budget to go out to some little private beach and have a ceremony. Plus, we’re talking a completely different energy for a show that is often decorated with dark tones.

If you want to see something more when it comes to the subject of direct facts, just click here to see some of what is coming up for Fillion and Molly Quinn in a special episode of the show.

Photo: ABC

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