‘MasterChef Junior’ review: Are Sarah, Dara, and Alexander in the finale?

The latest -Tonight’s “MasterChef Junior” episode is the final one before the finale, and it also happens to be the one that is unfortunately the weakest of the season. We have a hard enough time watching the restaurant takeover challenge when it involves adult home cooks, let alone kids. It just reminds us a little bit too much of “Hell’s Kitchen,” when we have angry Gordon Ramsay running around and barking orders.

This show, at least to us, is about creativity. Why not focus more on that, and not kids crying and fighting in the kitchen? While Ramsay was far kinder and more encouraging on this version of the show, it still wasn’t very fun to watch. Many of these kids probably don’t know if they ever want to even work on the line in a restaurant, and we are also a little bummed out that this was everything in the episode. There was no pressure test to mix things up here, and the elimination was based likely on a combination of this challenge and their performance from the rest of the season.

Also, there was the little problem known here as predictability. When it comes to edit, Dara, Alexander, and Jack have all had a ton of airtime over the course of the season and they all happened to be placed on the red team. Meanwhile, the other team was Gavin, Troy, and Sarah.

If we were to pick our own dream final four, we would have went with Alexander, Dara, Jack, and Gavin based on their cumulative body of work. Troy struggled tonight to communicate, and while Sarah may be extremely likable and hard-working, she is just not ready for this quite yet. By the time that she is Dara’s age, though, she could be an unstoppable foodie force. Watch out, world.

We were ultimately close when it comes to our prediction, as Sarah did go home; however, Gavin went home instead of Troy. We felt for Sarah as she left in tears, but we hope that she doesn’t get discouraged. But did he have to see her screaming “whip like a man” in her exit package?

We are rooting for the contestants in the end, but we are definitely not hoping for another episode like this. Grade: C-.

What do you think: Were the right finalists chosen? Be sure to share below, and click here if you want to read some more news related to “MasterChef Junior” this season.

Photo: Fox

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