‘Drop Dead Diva’ season 6 official; Lifetime renews series after un-canceling it

Big news -At the moment, “Drop Dead Diva” has to be one of the feel-good stories of the year. At one point, this show was dead in the water with no hope of coming back at all. Then, Fox un-canceled it at the last minute, and allowed a season 5 to happen. That season, while polarizing with the fans, has turned out to be quite a commercial success, at least enough that Lifetime has now greenlit a sixth season.

This move, following the cancellation of “Army Wives,” makes “Drop Dead Diva” the elder statesman in the series’ scripted TV lineup. You could also partially attribute the show coming back to the fact that “The Client List” is still hanging in the air as to whether or not it will return. Jennifer Love Hewitt’s pregnancy is one reason why there is no decision right now, but there have also been some creative disputes that have slowed down the decision-making process.

So right now, “Drop Dead Diva” is a pretty solid performer, and one that the network is probably going to continue to rely on for a little while longer. The biggest test that the show is going to face within the next year is trying to figure out if a season 7 is possible, following what should be a more stable slate of programming. Even if it is canceled, though, it can always look for a little bit of silver lining in the fact that it has already lasted a good while longer than almost anyone would have first predicted (especially given the cancellation).

For now, what’s your reaction to this news, and do you think that season 6 could now be the end of the road for the series? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below! Once we do have some more news on what is coming up on this particular season, we will have it for you here.

Photo: Lifetime

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