‘Supernatural’ season 9, episode 4 video: Felicia Day, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and Amazon

Supernatural -In this brand-new video from Wednesday night’s “Supernatural” season 9 episode, the Winchester brothers are going to have an opportunity to learn about one of the most brilliant and surprising inventions of our time: Amazon. Or, if nothing else, they are at least going to start to understand that there is such a thing called the internet, and even a genius like Charlie cannot figure out every little thing associated with it.

With that being said, Charlie can still do a bazillion different things that all come out pretty fantastic, and you get a sense of just how she is able to teach herself to be a hunter in the video below. It may only be a minute long, but it reminds you of just how much of an addition Felicia Day is to the show. She brings her own unique energy to the proceedings for one thing, and she has great chemistry with both Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Let’s put it this way: For one reason or another, the majority of the women that come into the “Supernatural” universe do not end up coming out on the other side. Charlie is one of the few examples of that, and she has to therefore be celebrated.

But as for what she is going to be up to with the boys in “Slumber Party,” the answer is pretty simple: Trying to help Dorothy find her way home. Seriously. This is the only sort of show out there that can get away with this cool kind of storyline, except for maybe “Once Upon a Time” in the perfect situation. Having the “Wizard of Oz” fit in here is almost perfect given the sense of whimsy that comes with it, and while “Supernatural” may feel like it has a very different set of morals and goals at times, we still feel like this is a show where good tends to win out eventually … you just may be waiting for a while for it to happen.

Now, let’s just hope for at least one more Charlie episode this season, or maybe two. While we know that Felicia may not be perfect for every episode of the show, she has to be in the top 3 right now when it comes to recurring guest stars that we want to see more of.

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Photo: The CW

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