‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 video: Andrew Lincoln and the battle of the beard

Andrew Lincoln -We are not here to share a particularly revealing storyline on “The Walking Dead” season 4; instead, what we are here to talk about today is a story all about Andrew Lincoln starting to feel old. How does this happen? Well, it’s a symptom of starring on a show where shaving is not really the first priority.

In the video below, you can hear the man behind Rick Grimes speak out hilariously about just how he has felt over the evolution of himself the past several years, and how different he looks now even than the Rick that was around in the first season, clean-shaven and still discernibly a police officer. Now, he is rugged, has been put through the wringer, and is trying to anything and everything to survive … regardless of if it is painful or difficult to do.

Our favorite part of this video is Lincoln talking about going to get an identification photo taken, but not still realizing that he had fake blood still running down his face. We are infinitely curious right now as to what sort of reaction these people would have had over such a thing. There is probably a part of them that wanted to freak out, but we imagine such weird occurrences are probably a semi-regular thing over at the DMV, so it may not have even been all that weird of a thing to witness at all. (People have almost surely come into this place looking worse.)

During this past episode, we saw the relative hardening of Rick as he started to realize that there was no real way that he could go about being the same sort of man that he was trying to be at the start of the fourth season. While he may still try to garden and find his peace somewhere, he has to fight, and he has to lead to a certain extent. In the process, he also has to somehow try to continue to build a relationship with Carl, and show him the right way to go about living in a world where there may not even be a “right way to go about living.”

For some more “Walking Dead” videos more related to the story of the show, just click here to see a full preview for Sunday night’s new episode. We’ll have more to share on the subject soon.

Photo: AMC

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