‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 10, episode 6 review: Let Justin Chambers break your heart some more

More news -These past two years on “Grey’s Anatomy” have been very good for Justin Chambers. For the longest time, we wondered whether or not we were going to get a great story from him ever again after he was stuck in the same rut week after week after week. Now, he is getting the opportunity to have all sorts of great work courtesy of two complicated stories: His dad, and also Jo Wilson.

For the longest time, Alex has kept it a secret from his girlfriend as to what he has been up to, when it really is that he has been seeing his dad perform at a bar, wondering whether or not there is something that he can connect with him on. It was finally starting to look as though the two were bonding courtesy of a guitar jam session, and then there was a reason to get all teary-eyed all over again: The “son” that the man was actually talking about here was another child that he had many years later. It’s like Alex has to share his father with at least one other person out there.

This is going to end up causing some more tension for Alex and the Jo character moving forward mostly likely, but we will have to see just how that manifests itself. But for this story alone, we will be able to give this episode a pretty solid grade. B+.

As for some other important highlights:

1. Just when it looked like we were going to be getting past whatever in the world was going on with Leah, Arizona has decided to hook up with her yet again. That’s not good.

2. Speaking of a messy situation, Cristina is forced to deal with the fact that her ex-husband Owen has a new lady in his life; not only that, but Meredith feels unsupported by her, and is therefore being very distant.

3. Derek has agreed to actually take some time off from work in an effort to be there more for his kids. This gives Meredith more time to do her own thing, and for them to still be more balanced parents.

Was there any part of this “Grey’s Anatomy” episode that hurt you the most? Be sure to share your thoughts below! If you want to read some more scoop related to the show, including a preview for next week’s episode, just be sure to click here.

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