‘NCIS’ season 11 spoilers: Will Michael Weatherly’s Tony ever move on without Ziva?

The latest -We know the question above is a controversial one, but it is one that some “NCIS” fans are currently asking. Given where we are right now when it comes to the Tony character, where is he going to go from here when it comes to Tony’s personal life? At the moment, the future of Cote de Pablo’s Ziva is unclear; while we would love to sit here and say that she is endgame for the character, we can’t. It all depends on whether or not all parties involved can make a return visit happen.

But until then, you do have to wonder whether or not there are plans to eventually give Tony another love interest. We know it’s not happening in the near future and it definitely doesn’t look like new character Bishop is a possibility, but showrunner Gary Glasberg tells TVLine that down the road, this could be something that the writers try to explore:

“I’m curious to see what’s next for him in his personal life, but we’re not going to rush into anything. Much like a real relationship, it takes time to recover and to figure out what’s next, and the one thing we’re really trying to do is approach this from the standpoint of as if it’s real. You have to give people” – the audience included – “time to ‘mourn’ and deal with their feelings, and then re-embrace why they watch NCIS.“

Odds are that if such a story is approached, it could be in the later part of this season since it’s not going to be too soon. At least for the time being, the writers are allowing Tony to process his emotions in the same way that anyone would who was trying to get over a great love. He’s just trying to make his life work for the time being, and once he gets his head on straight again, he will figure out what to do from there.

What do you want to see happen on “NCIS” the rest of the season? Just be sure to share some of your thoughts below! Meanwhile, take a look here if you are curious in watching a preview for next week’s all-new episode.

Photo: CBS

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