‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’, episode 3 review: The Knave of Hearts, also known as Will Scarlet

Knave of heartsLast week on “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” Alice learned that Cyrus bottle had been taken from their secret hiding spot, but just when things seemed hopeless in her search, she received a message from him igniting her excitement to find him.

We finally learned a little more about the Knave of Hearts past. His real name is Will Scarlet and he was part of Robin Hood’s merry men. How did he fall out of this position? He suggested to Robin Hood that they steal gold from Maleficent and against his better judgement he tells Scarlet yes as long as the money goes to the poor and nothing else is taken outside of the gold. Scarlet is really there to get a magic item for him and the woman he loves, Anastasia. Unfortunately while robbing the Maleficent, Scarlet can’t help himself and steals a mirror (the looking glass), much to her chargin’. Robin Hood cuts Scarlet out of his merry men after learning that he stole a magic item. When we finally see Anastasia she is the Red Queen (before she was the Red Queen) and they use the looking glass to escape their world and go to Wonderland together.

Back in wonderland Jafar and the Red Queen learn of Cyrus’ note and they tell him that not only do they know about the note, but that she said she’s coming for him. They plan on forcing Alice into a position where she has to use one of the wishes, hoping that it will break Cyrus’ heart and that she will eventually use all three wishes so Jafar can get the next three. They decide to send Alice’s biggest fear after her… the Bandersnatch. Faced with this fear they feel confident that she will have to use a wish.

The production team behind this show is clearly fans of “Return of the Jedi” as we saw the knave and Alice go into an underground bar where the caterpillar is on a stage, making deals with the Knave of hearts who is in debt to him, very reminiscent of Jabba the Hut. Alice and the Knave are looking for the forget-me-not to see who stole the bottle and the caterpillar tells them where to find it.

When Alice and the Knave find the forget-me-not they come face to face with the Bandersnatch, but Alice is able to come up with a plan outside of using a wish to outsmart the animal. When Jafar learns that she didn’t use a wish, he realizes that Cyrus tricked him into sending a foe against Alice that she could beat. Finally they get the forget-me-not and they learn that the White Rabbit stole Cyrus’ bottle and then handed it to the Red Queen, completely betraying Alice’s trust.

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Photo: ABC

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