Should Alexander Skarsgard, Matt Bomer be relieved over end to ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ drama?

A surprise -Today, the news finally came out that after another exhausting search, and after dozens more exhausting headlines, the “Fifty Shades of Grey” casting search is finally over. So as we put a pin in this when it comes to talking about TV stars being rumored for the role, let’s ask the following question: Should some of the previous fan favorites be relieved now that Jamie Dornan landed the role?

Personally, we admit to having a strange sort of surprise in that both Dornan and Charlie Hunnam are actors who we are very familiar with when it comes to their overall catalog of work. (We avoided saying “body of work” here due to the obvious puns.) But for such people as Alexander Skarsgard (“True Blood“), Matt Bomer (“White Collar“), and others, the feeling has to somewhat be relief. This was a role that is surely ambitious and could lead to great success, but at the same time, it makes them almost a magnet for paparazzi the rest of their lives. Even Hunnam is going to get some of it thanks to turning down the role, and it probably will not slow down until he gives a statement wishing Jamie the best.

But here are some of the other ways that some of the once-projected favorites for the Christian Grey role can actually sit back and relax over not getting the part.

Alexander Skarsgard – Now, “True Blood” remains the only piece of entertainment that requires you to take your clothes off regularly.

Ian Somerhalder – Now, you get to actually go a day without people asking you about it; and given how busy you are with “The Vampire Diaries” and your work with the environment, we don’t know how you would have been able to handle it in the first place.

Matt Bomer – Given how private he chooses to be away from his work, we have a hard time still wrapping our head around the idea that he wanted to do this in the first place. Maybe he didn’t.

Stephen Amell – He already admitted that he said no to the opportunity of getting involved in the project, so now people can stop asking regardless.

Who do you think should be the most relieved that this madness is over? Be sure to share what you think below, and take a look at the link here if you want to see some more news about Dornan’s casting (which author E.L. James has finally confirmed).

Photo: HBO

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