‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3, episode 5 video: How Colin O’Donoghue Hook lands Emma kiss

Captain Swan -Has there ever been an occasion in the past where an episode of “Once Upon a Time” is hyped up almost exclusively thanks to a kiss?  But this is what we are getting when it comes to “Good Form” airing on Sunday night.

The entire video below seeks to answer the question as to how these two managed to kiss in the first place, and the answer here is that it seems to be, almost like too hormone-raged teenagers in high school, based almost entirely off of a dare. After Hook does Emma a favor in helping Prince Charming, he demands a little something more than a thank you. She fires back with a question doubting whether or not he can handle it, and then … LIP WARFARE. Yes, the two kiss in a way that is long and probably awkward for everyone to watch other than all of the Captain Swan shippers out there.

In Monday morning quarterbacking this kiss, there are a few things worth noting here.

1. Emma seemed to really bring it on more so than the Captain, though both kept it going for a while.

2. Emma also claims that it is never going to happen again now … which is something that we do not fully believe.

3. This move was catered almost to get those same shippers all the more excited.

4. Who do you think will be even more upset when they find out about this: Charming, or Neal? The latter’s not her boyfriend, but he clearly knows Hook pretty well. It’s like, to use that high school analogy more, a football player who finds out that his ex girlfriend is now dating the team captain rather than him. Maybe this will lead to a Neal – Hook fight below the bleachers underneath the trees in the forest.

Really at this point, what we’d just like to do is see Emma date. Everyone else really gets their own happily ever afters, but why can’t we have someone struggling to find it and go through a series of frogs before getting to their prince?

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Photo: ABC

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