‘Duck Dynasty’ season 4 finale review: A (spooky?) Robertson Halloween

Check it out -Anytime that you think about what you would want a holiday special to be on “Duck Dynasty,” you typically imagine in your head some sort of combination between completely traditional and then completely bizarre. This episode tonight geared all around Halloween, which also happened to be the finale to season 4, actually did pull that off in some ways. However, it also at the same time failed to really succeed in giving us anything new when it comes to the show.

For us, almost the best part of the entire thing was seeing Si dress up as what we presume to be a giant beaver; we personally think that you can discern quite a bit about someone just from seeing their costumes, and you could certainly do that here. Some costumes were funnier than others, and Willie did not have as much fun as he probably could have had.

But one of the larger problems that we are starting to have with “Duck Dynasty” at this point is almost the same problem that we have with any reality TV phenomenon that it is in its fourth season: Trying to keep things fresh and exciting. This is no longer the show that it once was, and we don’t imagine a ratings record will come tomorrow when the numbers are released. That’s the first time that we have ever said that about one of the finales for this show. It just feels almost as though they are forced to be cooped up sometimes in Duck Commander, and now that they are super-famous, the world around them has changed even if they have not. It is therefore harder to paint the picture of what the show’s intended reality is, since that reality only exists for the Robertsons when they are not surrounded by those obsessed with their fame.

We will always love the idea of “Duck Dynasty,” and we thought that this was an entertaining Halloween special. But maybe our expectation is just too high after the first two seasons that we thought that this was going to be so much more. For a show that has done so much for us over the years, we wish that there was something more brought to the table here than an episode that was by the numbers when it comes to structure … except with costumes. Grade: C.

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Photo: A&E

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