‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ episode 6 review: Tribe swap upsets Hayden Moss

Meet Hayden -After Galang’s first tribal council Laura Boneham is feeling pretty good with the fact that another Laura other then her went home last week on “Survivor: Blood vs Water”, Will Laura M. tell her tribe off at Redemption Island? Let’s see how it all shakes out this week.

The coconut power couple: Tyson and Gervase are thinking that they want to get out Aras since he’s a big threat and with the merge coming up they are nervous that he will move into that with his brother who is also a threat. People may be underestimating the two of them since Gervase has been known to sit back and not make big moves in the past and Tyson is injured.

Redemption Island: Laura M, Brad Culpepper and John Cody are competing today and Laura tells her daughter that she will not swap with her. What was pretty nice to see this time was that no one started a fight with anyone, since all season it seems to be more dramatic them tribal council. Laura M. won this with ease like she’s been doing these challenges her whole life. John came in second sending Brad home. Laura had a pretty tough choice to make with the clue and she gave it to Vytas and he followed suit and burned it. Jeff also announced that today they are switching things up and is making everyone draw for new tribes.

New tribes: Galang is now Monica, Katie, Laura B, Kat, Tina and Vytas. Tadhana is Gervase, Caleb, Tyson, Hayden, Ciera and Aras.

New Tadhana: The switch has really rattled some people. Some of the new players like Caleb and Hayden were quick to give up information about clues and stuff to the veterans. On the other hand, Hayden is getting fairly upset that the new members have come in and started eating a bulk of their food and using up their stuff… something that Tyson plans on continuing.

New Galang: When Vytas was put on a tribe with all women his first instinct was to open up to the women and be vulnerable in hopes that he can make a connection with them… and for the most part it worked.

Immunity and reward challenge:  It’s another physical/puzzle challenge. Laura and Tina messed up for Galang right out of the gate as they swam out to the fish trap… and then left it there as they swim all the way back without it, giving Tadhana a huge lead. Even though Galang was able to catch up, Tadhana ended up winning the challenge.

Monica, Kat or Vytas?: The women have an alliance so Vytas was going to be the one to go up on the block, but when Monica hears that Kat is gunning to get her out because she’s strategizing too much, Monica starts to think that if Kat is ready to turn on the alliance this quickly, then she can’t be trusted and has to go. So who left tonight? The women’s alliance fell apart faster then it was put together and Kat was sent packing.

Were you surprised to see Kat go to Redemption Island tonight or that Brad went home? Tonight’s episode earned itself a grade of a C-, just because it really wasn’t as memorable as most of what has gone on already this season.

Photo: CBS

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