‘Basketball Wives’ season 5 reunion show shut down; Evelyn Lozada reportedly bailed on filming

The latest -For those of you who felt like “Basketball Wives” season 5 was a pretty boring one compared to some of the others in the past (you’re not alone), you’re not going to get an opportunity to  watch some real drama unfold at the reunion show. Why? Because it’s not happening.

According to TMZ, the biggest reason for the reunion show getting the ax this year is that series star Evelyn Lozada, fears that the show would sit her down and force her to talk time and time again about something that she is already tired of talking about; specifically, we’re referring to Chad Johnson and her split from him. This domestic situation was one of the most terrible things that has happened to any of the stars of this show, and it dominated the early half of the season. Apparently, Evelyn is not into the idea of also having it dominate the majority of her life anymore

At this point, she just wants her life to move on, and producers do not feel like there is really enough subject matter for the reunion show to go forward as is. We’re sure that there will be some disappointment here as a result not only for fans, but also some of her co-stars on the show who were hoping to re-hash everything that took place in order to get some screen time. In particular, we imagined in our heads the thought of having a full-on discussion again about that ridiculous fight where Suzie Ketcham knocked off the hat off of Tasha Marbury’s head. Also, it apparently means that we will not see Kenya Bell turn up in a surprise appearance so that she can performance that loathsome song “Hate Me” again. (In case you are really sadistic and want to torment yourself, check out the song and cover your ears.)

What do you think: Is this move for the best? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and head on over to the link here if you do want to read more all about some of our favorite crazy moments from this season.

Photo: VH1

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