‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6 spoilers: Walton Goggins on possibility of more Venus Van Dam

The return -Is the story just about at an end for Venus Van Dam on “Sons of Anarchy”? Following the revealing story last night where we saw her go to Gemma and Nero for help, it appeared as though we had a bookend for the character. We’d seen her grow and become a full-fledged part of the show’s world, and we also found it almost touching that a show that is typically perceived as so testosterone-driven and grizzled can give us such a real, human take on a transgender character. We almost wish more LGBT organizations were taking note of it, but any “Sons of Anarchy” fan by now knows that the show has a history of being perpetually overlooked.

So have we really seen the swan song for Venus? Don’t start assuming so just yet. Speaking in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the man behind the role in Walton Goggins was coy about his future this year, but suggested that he definitely wants to be back at some point:

“I’m not at liberty to say. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see her again before this show is done. I’ll just say that. (Laughs) She’s like a drug for me. And I think she’s like a drug for [creator] Kurt [Sutter]. Kurt and his writing staff did such a good job of creating this woman who is as strong as they come and now simultaneously as vulnerable as they come. I just… I miss her. I missed her the day that we wrapped, and I miss her now. (Laughs) I hope to be six inches taller than some of the members of the gang on Sons of Anarchy again, but we’ll see.”

While the Venus story was probably not the most closely-tied one ever to the rest of the season, we enjoyed it thoroughly, and thanks to that, we do certainly want to see her back at some point. We know that there are schedules involved (Goggins has “Justified”) and that there are other stories to tell, but we would even be glad with just another appearance during season 7 as a nice little homage to what has become one of our favorite characters in the Charming universe.

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