‘The Bachelor’: Did producers for Juan Pablo Galavis’ season set themselves up for spoilers?

Juan Pablo -Anyone who follows “The Bachelor” by now knows that the spoiler culture surrounding this show is almost like a virus at an elementary school; you’re going to catch it whether you want to or not. You can just be reading a random spoiler-free story, and suddenly be forced into looking at the list of people who end up in the finals. While most of the predictions for the end of last season ended up thankfully being wrong, it’s still an issue where more often than not, they are right.

Don’t get us wrong here, as we don’t have any problem necessarily with the idea of people who want to to be spoiled getting spoiled. We’d never want it, but we don’t believe that we should be the one to tell people the way to watch TV. It’s just that the population of keyboard cowboys out there who feel the need to metaphorically take down everyone in the saloon is high. They, for whatever reason, seem to feel like by one upping the networks that they become an authority on the show, which is obviously not the case.

But didn’t ABC really put themselves in a corner this season? For whatever reason, they decided pretty late in the competition, they were going to travel to Juan Pablo’s home city of Miami. We’ve posted a little about that here, but why in the world do it at this point in the competition? We would have personally suggested that they go back to Miami when there were around 12 or so people left, that way you’re not really giving much away except for maybe who are some of the people who left early. We now know, though, who the final six contestants are just because they were seen. The producers basically made it very easy for their show to be spoiled, and with most of the contestants already identified, it didn’t even take some inside leak from within production to figure it out.

Let’s just hope that to compensate for this, we end up having a season that is going to have more in the way of drama than some others in the past. We’re specifically looking at the season starring Desiree Hartsock this past summer, which was so dull we have to give ourselves a caffeine boost just to stay awake.

Do you think that ABC made a mistake going to Miami to soon, or are we making way too big of a deal out of fans getting spoiled? We want to hear your thoughts on the story below!

Photo: ABC

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