MTV’s ‘Awkward’ season 3, episode 11 review: Did Jenna’s cheating lead to a Matty breakup?

The latest -Tonight, “Awkward” season 3 returned to television to yet again remind us of one thing: Jenna Hamilton is a pretty horrible human being. We suppose that her constant sense of stress and mistake making is what makes her someone that people can identify with, but if there is one thing to tell teens out there that are watching this, it is not to emulate what you see. Heck, just try to do the opposite of Jenna most of the time and you’ll be way better off.

The big news worth talking about of course took place at the end of the episode, and that was seeing the stunner that not only did Matty find out that Jenna was cheating on him with Collin, but so did all of her friends. This is what happens when someone threw her a surprise birthday party despite her saying that she didn’t want one this year. We wonder why she didn’t just assume that her family was going to try to have one ¬†anyway despite her wishes, but the easy way to think of this here is that she’s a teenager. Therefore, it’s probably not something that really crossed her mind.

We get to an extent why Jenna and Collin both do see something in each other; they are emotional, brooding people, and have much more of an artistic side than Matty. The unfortunate thing here is that we don’t think Collin can love her in the way she needs or wants, and he’s shown that he is willing to play homewrecker. Who’s to say that he won’t just do something like this again and wreck another relationship while being with Jenna? History repeats itself most times.

And now, on her birthday no less, Matty is going to be severely heartbroken and depressed for a very long time. He trusted Jenna, and that is gone. While there were some funny moments in here tonight, we do wonder about the comedy starting to actually lose some of its edge in the weeks ahead. Jenna has been miserable before, but this is a problem that is way different. After all, we’re now talking about a relationship that is potentially ending.

The major downside for the time being is this whole Asian Mafia story. It’s always been a little cheesy, and we wonder just how much the show is really going to be able to milk from it that we haven’t seen already.

Overall still, a nice start to season 3. “Awkward” remains the best show MTV has, and also the one that is still very funny. Grade: B.

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