‘The Biggest Loser’ season 15, episode 2 review: Ruben Studdard faces diabetes, Hap Holmstead is a dad again

Hap is a dad again -Last week on “The Biggest Loser” we almost lost Craig Arrington (one of our favorites) from Jillian Michaels team, but thanks to a new twist this season called a “trainers save” Craig was spared and will be working hard this week to show Jillian and his team just what he’s made of.

Craig: This week Craig revealed that he has a lot of guilt about his father passing and that it has been a big part of his struggle to lose the weight, but after a talk with Jillian he’s ready to release that guilt and move forward for himself and his children.

Ruben: We also saw “American Idol” winner Ruben Studdard learn from a doctor that he has type 2 diabetes, but that it’s reversible with hard work and diet change. It’s just that little bit of an extra push that will bring him to the next level.

Hap: His wife was eight and a half months pregnant when he came on the show and when he learns that his wife has had their baby, he was completely overjoyed. He got some face time (over video) with his wife as she introduced him to his new baby boy.

First challenge: Allyson announces that at the weigh-in tonight only one person’s weight will count for the whole team and that person will be chosen by a simple roll of the dice. The team that wins this challenge will get a second roll at the dice giving them a choice of two teammates to choose from to go to weigh in. Chance is a really big element in this challenge so every roll of the dice counts. The red and blue team were neck and neck the whole time, but the white team just couldn’t roll a big number to save their lives. In the end the blue team wins and they get the advantage of having two teammates to choose from for the weigh-in tonight.

Elimination: Allyson explains that everyone will still get to weigh-in, but only one person’s weight will count for the win. Dolvett rolls the dice first and it rolls on Tanya’s face so she will be representing the red team. Jillian rolls her die and it lands on Fernanda representing the white team. Bob gets two choices between Chelsea and Hap, but he chooses Hap. First up was the blue team and Hap lost 13 pounds. Next up was the white team and Fernanda lost only 2 pounds. Tanya was last to weigh-in for the red team and she lost 4 pounds, narrowly missing being sent home instead of Fernanda leaving Jillian down a team member.

Over all this was a great episode, very inspiring and has quickly roped us into rooting for some of the contestants. While they’ve kept some of the fun elements that we’ve come to know and love, they’ve thrown in just enough new twists to keep things fresh. Grade: B-

Were you disappointed to see Fernanda go home tonight? If you missed the premiere of “The Biggest Loser” season 15 and want to catch up then make sure you check out our review here.

Photo: NBC

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