‘Downton Abbey’ season 4, episode 6 video: Who is Lily James’ Lady Rose trying to recruit?

First look -We’ve heard most of the complaints about Lady Rose on “Downton Abbey” season 4. Heck, there have been times where we have been complaining about her too. While Lily James may be lighting up the box office next year as Cinderella, at the moment she is busy playing the newest addition to the abbey (at least when it comes to people over the age of two). There have been times where we have felt the character has brought nothing new or exciting to the table, and then, there have also been moments that we have found her to be enjoyable and in a way progressive.

In the video below from Sunday’s upcoming new episode, we actually feel like she is trying to be progressive with the suggestion to Mrs. Hughes that there should be a band brought in for Robert’s upcoming birthday party. Who wants to take one guess as to what band this could be? We didn’t put that picture of Jack Ross up on this article by accident. Gary Carr’s arc on the show is not over yet and the only shame here is that there are only three episodes left this season to go along with the Christmas special, and it does still earnestly feel like there is much more to tell.

While the still-racist-thanks-to-the-times residents of Downton may not be too pleased with the idea of Jack Ross stopping by, we personally see it as a thrill. Rose is too free to care about social conventions, and therefore does not see race as an issue. Plus, this is an opportunity to show off the sort of bigotry that many of these characters have, even if they will not admit it in any way other than subtlety.

In the end, let us hope for one of the finest episodes of the show yet, and that the quality of the plot justifies all of the buildup to seeing more of Jack, provided of course that the Abbey does not find a way to keep him from coming. Then again, we know that he will be turning up at some point, regardless of whether or not he is specifically in attendance for this party or not.

You can read some more specifics about this episode at the link here, and if you stay tuned we’ll have so much more in the way of news.

Photo: ITV, video via SpoilerTV

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