‘Basketball Wives’ season 5: Top 7 favorite moments, see why Suzie Ketcham takes number one spot

The latest -“Basketball Wives” season 5 had us in tears, throwing things at our TV and wanting to give Evelyn Lozada a giant hug for being as brave as she was to openly talk about the difficult situation with her now ex-husband Chad Johnson. While in the past, ladies like Evelyn and Tami Roman brought most of the drama, this year it came from an unlikely cast member: Suzie Ketcham. It was really nice to see Suzie come to the forefront and stand up for herself in a way that we really hadn’t seen before and we quickly learned that implying that Suzie is a doormat is a really bad idea.

Now that “Basketball Wives” has come to a close for another year, we wanted to highlight our top 7 favorite moments from the season.

7. Kenya Bell’s “Hate Me” performance: We never expected to see Kenya Bell back on the show, but hell has frozen over and she back performing a song called “Hate Me” (allegedly about the ladies) and doing what she does best; getting into fights with the cast. Kenya can actually sing so when we saw this performance we were in shock over how bad it was. She was singing to the track, but was so out of breath she couldn’t keep up. It was a hot mess that we won’t soon forget.

6. Shaunie putting Monet Merchand on blast: This storyline of a woman named Monet Merchand that was allegedly stalking Tasha and her husband was bizarre to begin with, but when she actually had the nerve to show up and face the ladies (especially Tasha) we were beyond shocked. She was lucky that all she walked away with was Shaunie calling her a crazy person and not Tasha’s heel up her you-know-what.

5. Tasha’s birthday fit: As far as rich people hissy fits go, this one takes the birthday cake. Tasha was hours late for her party and was then upset that Shaunie, Evelyn and Suzie decided to leave. Not only did she tell all of the ladies off, she basically called Suzie a doormat and told Tami to buy her a gift since it was going to be her birthday all month.

4. Tami shows us a softer side: Tami has been very open this season with her struggles to keep “little Tami” (her angry side) in check and we got to see some of the process that she went through with her life coach that brought her to this stage. It was very different seeing this side of Tami, but it was one that we really appreciated since it is not always easy to be this vulnerable… especially with all of America watching.

3. Suzie, Tasha and hat-gate: So after Tasha implied that Suzie was a doormat during her birthday hissy fit, Suzie decided that she wasn’t going to take that lying down. She went over to Tasha’s hotel room, completely told her off and then left for the elevator after being told to leave. Tasha then chases her down the hallway to continue the fight, but Suzie is in beast mode and ripped her whole life apart. Not only that but when Tasha tries to walk away, Suzie charges her and knocks her hat on the dirty hallway carpet. Eww.

2. Evelyn opens up about Chad: This was a very emotional and heart wrenching story to watch at times this season, but it was an important tale to be told. What happened to Evelyn happens to others out there that might not be as brave as her to come forward and talk about it as openly as she did. There was a lot of focus on this story during season 5, but when you have something as heavy as this that could reach others in this situation, it’s good to have a lot of focus on it.

1. Suzie vs Kenya: What a way to end this season. The ladies go to Kenya’s hotel room after her performance and things escalated quickly. Suzie starts to question who Kenya’s song was really about and when things get heated, we watched Suzie go from zero to sixty as she gets up and starts throwing dishes and punches. Tami claims that Suzie lost that fight, but we feel she won just by stepping to her. We don’t think anyone’s going to be calling Suzie a doormat again after this season.

Be sure to leave a comment below and tell us what your favorite moment of “Basketball Wives” season 5 was? If you missed any of our coverage for the show, you can catch up here.

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