‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 10, episode 6 video: Kevin McKidd and Owen’s relationship woes

Will he stay ? -Is Cristina going to be okay with Owen making some major movement when it comes to his personal life? We’re about to find out courtesy of Thursday night’s new episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” season 10.

In the preview video below, you can see Kevin McKidd’s character engage in a little bit of relationship drama that at least seems innocent at first. He walks through the hospital with his new girlfriend, and everything seems to at least be superficially right with the world. Then, Cristina shows up, makes a snide comment, and you can see that there are still hurt feelings and resentment there. Otherwise, she would not be bringing it up at all.

Given that one scene often morphs directly into another on this show, we see Cristina walk over to Meredith, and we learn that she is trying desperately to find the right sort of research project to take on. The reasoning for that appears at least in theory to be that she feels a little bit of resentment of her own. Does Meredith really think that she cannot “have it all”? Then she wants to prove her wrong! The best way to do it is going to be by burying her head in the studies and trying to prove that she can still be every bit as great of a doctor as she was before welcoming Zola and Bailey into the world; that is going to be difficult, and we imagine some sort of implosion happening along the way.

The best part of the Meredith story right now is that it is not coming from the school of being aggressively over-the-top. This is something that we could see real mothers going through, as they struggle to find that perfect balance between being a great mother and also finding a way to do a fabulous job when it comes to their career.

As for Owen, shouldn’t we expect him to have an opportunity to be happy at the end of the day? While you can blame him for cheating on Cristina, at this point you can’t be that upset at him for moving on when the relationship was not working out.

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Photo: ABC

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