‘Supernatural’ season 9 spoilers: First look at Felicia Day’s Charlie in ‘Slumber Party’

Supernatural -On next week’s episode of “Supernatural” season 9, we are going to have more than just an opportunity to see a new part of the Men of Letters’ secret hideout (which we like to think of as a Batcave of sorts). We’re also going to see the return of a newly-minted fan favorite in Charlie. Despite Felicia Day not even appearing in a half-dozen episodes of the show, she still feels like someone who is a staple of the cast, and to see her return for what could be a pretty fun one-off next week in “Slumber Party” should be entertaining.

As for the story, we reported yesterday that it revolves around the appearance of a Dorothy a la “The Wizard of Oz,” and the challenges that come with that leads to Sam and Dean recruiting some help from an old friend in Charlie. This photo yet again proves to us that 1) Felicia remains the most colorful member of the “Supernatural” family, and 2) these people really love button-up shirts.

Do we expect to learn any sort of enormous lesson here when it comes to either life or the characters in the cast? Hardly. Heck, we’d even be surprised if we got an opportunity to find out a couple more details when it comes to the backstory for the Men of Letters. We are more or less just hoping for a fun story that will keep us engaged, and also one with some spookiness and costumes when you remember that Halloween is coming up not long after this episode airs next week. One-offs on this show can be pretty fantastic, and we’re expecting more of this, even if the show did have a couple of clunkers last season.

Excited to see Felicia on the show again, and do you want to actually see her involved in some of the more substantial, long-term storylines? Be sure to share your thoughts below! Meanwhile, click here if you are curious in catching a sneak peek at tonight’s “I’m No Angel,” which features a tale more around Castiel and the angels’ fall back to earth.

Photo: The CW

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