‘Bones’ season 9 spoilers: Who is the ‘Ghost Killer,’ and will Booth and Brennan have more kids?

Take a look -So what comes next on “Bones”? In some ways, this is both a worthy and appropriate question giving the timing. It was only yesterday that the hit Fox series decided that it would give us the big wedding between Booth and Brennan, which is something that fans have been waiting to see for quite some time.

But there is still a story left to be told here, and that means coming up with a way to bring some new drama for the characters. When it comes to Booth and Brennan, for example, they still have cases to solve, and they also have decisions to make in regards to Christina, such as if she will be the couple’s only child? Speaking to TVLine, creator Hart Hanson explained that the two parents would have this discussion, and there may even be some differing opinions on it. We can’t personally see the two having a bevy of children, mostly because the last thing that we ever saw these two becoming were a fictional version of “Jon and Kate plus 8”.

When it comes to some of their upcoming cases, the words planted in Brennan’s head by Pelant about another villain out there are going to slowly come to fruition, and it even feels like we have a name for the newest adversary already based on what executive producer Stephen Nathan said to the website:

“We’re writing the episode now where we deal with all of this. It’s the 10th episode. And also, we don’t know if we’ll [meet the killer] in that episode. Sometimes we don’t actually see the serial killer for a while. The working name for this serial killer is ‘The Ghost Killer.’ Ghosts are pretty ephemeral.”

Clearly, the big thing that you are meant to take from this is that there will be reasons to watch still even though Booth and Brennan are married, so don’t take this necessarily as a sign that the show is coming to a close. As reported yesterday, the show is going to stay on Mondays a little longer than expected, and it will then move to Fridays a little later on in November to make way for a new series in “Almost Human.” While it won’t have a huge budget on the new night, it could stick around for a while depending on how the ratings fare.

Photo: Fox

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