‘Basketball Wives’ season 5 finale review: Kenya Bell’s ‘Hate Me’ brings silly, SILLY chaos

The latest -So, is that really it? We wait around for “Basketball Wives” to come to an end, and this is what you give us? By far, this season was the biggest letdown of the five, mostly because tonight’s entire episode felt like something so manipulated that not even hilarious fighting and even more hilarious singing could save it.

Let’s try to paint this picture for a moment: Why would all of these women in their right mind give Kenya Bell the time of day? We all know how she’s got a history of dong some pretty shady and crazy things, and just giving her more publicity, especially for a song where she is desperately throwing shade on cast members of the show, seems really out of character for any of these women. Her performance of “Hate Me” was awesome, and mostly because it was like watching a bad “American Idol” audition for four minutes with a singer even more delusional then most of the other “wives” singers that actually think they are good. We don’t know what she was thinking with the outfit, the attitude, or the lyrics. We would rather be pecked to death by birds then watch this again.

Of course, none of the wives were really that interested in complimenting her on this massive trainwreck of a performance (which you can see below), but the best reaction without a doubt came courtesy of Suzie Ketcham, who decided that needing to know who the song was about was worthy of some sort of massive witchhunt. The confrontation in a hotel room (the only place worth having a fight this season) was partially entertaining, but at the same time completely useless because the ladies really did not need to be there at all. They should have just went on with their lives and stayed away from this obvious attempt at drama.

There obviously needs to be some massive changes to the cast before next season, and we honestly don’t even know which wife should go, although we do have to say that Suzie really stepped up this season and was by far our favorite to watch. Our #1 priority, though, would be to actually focus on basketball again … i.e. get some real basketball wives, and focus more on that lifestyle rather than people unaffiliated with anyone.

But in the end, this was a hot mess, and not enough of one in a good way to redeem all of the mistakes made with this season. Grade: D-.

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Photo: VH1


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