‘Downton Abbey’ season 4, episode 6 spoilers: Surprises with Michelle Dockery, Lily James

The latest -On Sunday night’s new “Downton Abbey” episode, we are going to potentially have a fun time courtesy of birthday party preparation for Robert. However, you also have to remember something here: The last time that a party took place at Downton some truly devastating events took place. Do we anticipate there being something as terrible and dramatic happening this time? Not exactly, but there will still be some other issues that stem from unwelcome guests and possibilities of romance.

In the synopsis below (with a major warning for spoilers if you’re American), you can see some of the first details about an episode that we first discussed in the promo at the link here:

“A birthday party is planned for Robert, but Rose’s surprise contribution to the event ruffles feathers above and below stairs.

“A new farming venture on the Downton estate comes with dramatic repercussions for Mary, and Edith receives more unwelcome news.”

So what could Rose’s “surprise contribution” here? One easy hint would be to think about the people and things that she has formed an attachment to already, and wonder just what she would try to do in order to feel important at the estate. As for Mary, just remember that she has been courted by Lord Anthony Gillingham already this season, and there is another suited in Charles Blake that is coming up very soon. However, don’t necessarily expect to see her having the same sort of feelings for him that she did for Anthony, even if she decided not to marry him.

The major mystery right now is if we will be seeing some sort of story when it comes to Edith getting her heart broken … again. We don’t want any more “unwelcome” news for her! Hasn’t she really suffered enough? Isn’t there someone on this show that is capable of getting a happy ending? At times, it really does not feel like it.

The show needs a knockout episode at this point to really prove itself once again as a success. We’ve enjoyed parts of season 4, but there aresome that need a good bit of work still, including allowing some happiness to come into their lives.

Do you think this party will become another disaster? Who do you want to see Lady Mary end up with, Anthony, Charles or neither? Also are you going to be totally pissed if Edith gets the romantic shaft once again? Be sure to share some of your thoughts with a comment below.

Photo: ITV

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