‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6, episode 7 preview: Charlie Hunnam, Maggie Siff’s current situation

The latest -When “Sons of Anarchy” season 6 last aired on Tuesday night, the show placed some of the characters in an interesting position. Nobody was killed off, and there were no other explosions. For now, it appeared that there was at least some semblance of peace, but you have to ask yourself the following question when you hear the word “peace” related to this show: Just how long is it going to last? While the images we have for tomorrow’s “Sweet and Vaded” hardly give away much when it comes to big shockers, they are still nice little teasers when it comes to the story that Kurt Sutter and FX are planning to send our way.

To us, Tara meeting with Ally Lowen is probably the most important image, at least given that her story this year has been almost all about trying to remove her family from the nasty situation that Jax Teller has gotten them into over time. The next few episodes for her will be all about finding out whether or not she is successful. So long as Maggie Siff continues to dominate the role, it’s easy to be excited.

Jax -Meanwhile, the story for Charlie Hunnam’s character is going to be more about one thing and that’s persevering, and figuring out whether or not he can really turn SAMCRO around at this point. They can say that the MC is out of the gun trade, but there are two significant issues that we see coming up along the way:

1. The Irish, who we feel have some serious unfinished business with the club. Bringing Bobby back into the fold may help, but how much?

2. The authorities, who are still out for blood in order to pin the shooting on someone that the people in the community can identify and hate. Dealing with Nero is not going to be enough for them … especially since he’s not really the one that they want in the first place. This episode is going to be almost critical when it comes to his journey as a character.

Given that last week’s “Salvage” set the stage for the rest of the season, this should be when some of the action really starts to rev up, to use a motorcycle term. There is much more violence and death ahead, despite whether we see any of it this week.

To preview more from this episode, our suggestion is to check out the story here. We’ll have some more “Sons of Anarchy” scoop on this episode and more tomorrow morning, so be sure to come back for more.

Photo: FX

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