‘Supernatural’ season 9 spoilers: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and the ‘Wizard of Oz’

Check it out -Even with “Supernatural,” there are some things that we don’t see coming. Having an episode all about “The Wizard of Oz” has to qualify as one of these such things. It’s a crazy concept, but something that really should make for a very entertaining hour of television when it airs on October 29 under the title of “Slumber Party.” This also is one that features the return of Felicia Day as Charlie, the computer-programming genius who, as we learned during season 8, also has quite an affinity for live-action role-playing.

But if you want to read some more scoop regarding the story of this episode, just take a look at what series star Jared Padalecki had to say during a new interview with “Access Hollywood” on the subject:

We find out that Dorothy’s kind of been trapped in the Men of Letters bunker for a long, long, long time and accidentally she is set free, but so is the witch … So we have them running around our bunker and we have to employ the help of kind of the coolest computer nerd we know to help us try and figure out what happened and how we can figure out more details on it.”

Meanwhile, Jensen Ackles also suggested here that everyone is going to have a much different reaction to seeing Dorothy around, and understandably so when you consider who we’re dealing with here:

“Dean kind of tries to battle with the fact that there’s an actual Wizard of Oz and there’s an actual Dorothy and it’s all kind of being unfolded in front of him. Charlie takes more of the, ‘Well, hello,’ which is amazing because Felicia plays that great. So yeah, you get a lot of different reactions. Sam’s more the business… like, ‘OK. Didn’t expect that, but down to business. How do we fix this situation that we’re in?'”

While we know that one-off “Supernatural” episodes can indeed be silly and/or annoying, this is not one that should fit that bill. The show has also done some brilliant standalone hours in the past, and while there was that dreadful found-footage bit during season 8, there was also two great episodes that featured Felicia front and center.

What do you think about the idea of something all around Dorothy and the classic film? Be sure to share below, and click here if you are interested in checking out a preview for Tuesday night’s new episode.

Photo: The CW

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