‘The Walking Dead’, season 4, episode 2 review: Did Rick give Carl his gun back?

Carl is back in the game -The premiere of “The Walking Dead” season 4 brought us a storyline that has been threaded throughout the series since season 1 and one that we have been waiting a long time to come to fruition: That everyone is already infected regardless if they get bitten or not. So now that a child at the prison has turned, what sort of problems is this going to cause for the residents? Will there be any casualties? And will panic flood the group as they realize that any one of them can turn at any time?

The prison walker invasion: This week picked up right where we left off with the child walker roaming around the prison spelling trouble for everyone as he kills people in their sleep, creating more zombies. Panic floods as bodies fall and without there being a break in the outer barriers of the prison the residents of D block are left confused and scared, especially when they realize that the kid didn’t have a bite or scratch on him.

The sickness: The core group worries that there is an infection rolling through the prison and have decided to segregate the people that have been exposed, including Tyreese’s girlfriend. When he goes to see her in the sick ward he sees that someone has dragged her body to the back of the prison and burned her body.

Carl struggles: Rick wants to shape Carl into a young man that doesn’t embrace violence unless he needs to, and as much as he tries, Carl wants to be part of the action. He asks his dad for his gun back and Rick deflects the question. Later when Michonne is in trouble, Carl uses a gun to save her from Walkers. When he sees Rick he apologies to him for using the gun, saying he didn’t know what else to do to help her. Carol has been teaching the children how to use knives to protect themselves and she’s hoping that Carl would keep her secret from Rick. He decides to tell his father about it, and suggests that he allow it to continue since she is helping them protect themselves. Rick not only says he that he’s going to allow Carol’s teachings to continue, but he also realizes that Carl is ready to have his gun back… and he is ready to start carrying a gun again himself.

The rat question: Someone has been going to the fence at night and feeding rats to the walkers. Word spreads fast through the zombie community and they learn to come to that part of the fence to get fed. When too many walkers start pushing at the fence, it’s too much for the group to try and stop. Rick steps up as a leader and figures a way to get the walkers away from the fence. Rick drives out to the field and uses pigs as bait to lure them away… a completely miserable heart wrenching scene as he cuts them and leaves them bleeding out to be eaten by walkers.

Glenn and Maggie: As horrific and miserable as this world is, it’s nice to see that these two two are still falling even deeper in love. It makes their relationship even more special and those moments where Glenn is taking pictures of Maggie while she’s sleeping or Maggie kissing his hand as he leaves have us wanting more.

Over all this was another great episode as they have really amped up the walker threat this season. We loved the story of Carl struggling to figure out what’s right and wrong, while Rick battles his own version of the same struggle. Their broken relationship has by far been our favorite storyline as we watch them find a way to come together and be father and son as well as a team. Grade: A-

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