‘The Blacklist’ spoilers: An episode 5 preview, and a record-shattering DVR rating

The Blacklist -Did “The Blacklist” deliver the biggest audience ever for an NBC drama? Not exactly, but they did set another record that is extremely impressive in its own right: Gaining the largest viewership ever via DVR viewings for something airing on broadcast TV.

In new data released by NBC today, the September 30 episode of the show picked up over 6.5 million viewers in the week following its initial airing. This breaks the previous record (ironically set by “The Big Bang Theory” the week before), and it also brings the second-week viewer total to a stellar 17.86 million. In case you were wondering why the show ended up being picked up already for a full season, this is your answer. NBC is clearly very happy with having a DVR warrior like this. Ad revenue can still happen for those watching in this format, since sometimes, even people with recording devices are able to catch a glimpse of a few commercials here and there.

What is even more impressive when it comes to the ratings is this: When it comes to the all-important adults 18-49 measure, the show actually equaled its 18-49 demo rating when you included DVR playback from the premiere. Anytime that you get the same number of people watching the second episode who caught the premiere, that is a win of an enormous variety. NBC may as well throw themselves a little bit of a party over this news, since it means that viewers obviously liked what they saw, and this may not be another “Revolution” situation where the erosion is quick, and there is really no viewership remaining by the time that the spring rolls around.

On a different note related to “The Blacklist,” take a look below for an extended preview of Monday night’s new episode. It’s going to be a good one, mostly because this is a very different sort of story than what we had with last week’s excellent and terrifying episode “The Stewmaker.” This is also one where we could see Red actually ask for some help from Liz for a change, and maybe in turn she will be able to use this to get some of the information that she desires when it comes to who her husband really is.

If you want to see some more news on this episode, just be sure to click here. That is where we have a little bit of a longer preview for the hour.

Photo: NBC

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