‘Masters of Sex’ season 1, episode 4 preview: Meet Bill’s mother (video)

Masters of Sex -Prior to Sunday night’s episode of “Masters of Sex” airing, who wants to see an extremely cranky version of Dr. Bill Masters roaming about? Well, that’s what you are going to get in the sneak-peek video below, as Dr. Masters does his best to try and show off some of what makes him really tick. Sure, he can handle doing elaborate sex studies at a brothel or taking on near-impossible operations at the hospital, but when someone actually starts to question his mother about his upbringing? Well, that’s when thing start to get really messy.

In the video below from this episode, you can see her arrival (even though she does not look particularly old enough to be Bill’s mother), speak out a little bit on the subject of why he was such a particularly curious child. For whatever reason, he really didn’t want to hear it, trying his best repeatedly to shut her down before she can say another word on the subject.

Also worth nothing in this preview? The latest updates by Ethan to try to come on to Virginia, which end up being just about as effective as they were last time. Basically, she finds him akin at this point to a little pest who buzzes all around her, but won’t go away for whatever reason.

In the end, this is a fun look at what should be a much more serious episode than this lets on. We know that Bill is struggling to try and find the right way to run the study, and the show really needs to find a way to speed things up. If there is one criticism that we can offer of this past episode, it is that things start to drag to a certain degree. Even though this is real life, it needs to keep a reasonably steady pace.

What do you think about this preview video, and do you think that the arrival of Bill’s mother is going to shake things up on the show in a fun way? Be sure to share your thoughts below! Meanwhile, click here if you want to check out a more generic look at the upcoming episode.

Photo: Showtime

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