‘The Walking Dead’ season 4, episode 2 preview: Watch a Andrew Lincoln, Chandler Riggs scene

Andrew Lincoln -On tomorrow night’s new episode of “The Walking Dead” season 4, we’ll continue to see the evolution both of Rick and of his son Carl. However, it is going to be impossible not to ask the following question: Is the boy really evolving in the way in which you would hope for him to? Clearly, Rick wants him to be able to survive, but at the same time, find some sort of way to preserve a little bit of that child-like innocence at the same time. In a post-apocalyptic world, there is really no questioning just how hard that balance is really going to be.

In the preview below for “Infected,” you can see Chandler Riggs’ character specifically ask Andrew Lincoln’s troubled former lawman for his gun back. Hearing this, at least in some ways, has to feel like a punch to Rick’s stomach. What he really wants right now more than anything else is to get over what happened with Carl in the season 3 finale, and he even changed a huge part of himself just to make that happen.

Unfortunately for those hoping to see some sort of resolution in this scene to go along with the gun question, you’re not getting any. The announcement is made that there are walkers closing in, and thanks to that everyone has to assume their positions and get ready to enter defense mode. With that in mind, it signals the end of the conversation … at least for now. Don’t think for a second that this story is over, even if it may be frustrating since Carl is not always the show’s most exciting character. (At least he is a step above Carol, right?)

This episode, at least based on the title alone, should hopefully give us some more insight on what is the terrible new threat that the survivors are going to encounter. It’s a callback to the early days of the series, and it could also be a sobering thought if it is possible for whatever reason that the living could start to develop zombie-like symptoms without even being bitten or killed.

We’ll have a little more on that tomorrow with our full review of “Infected,” but for now, we suggest that you just click here if you want to see a more humorous video featuring Lauren Cohan talking about hygiene in this messed-up world.

Photo: AMC

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