‘The X Factor’ USA: Fifth Harmony’s EP released overseas; Emblem3 meet-and-greet hilarity

The latest -Since there is no new edition of “The X Factor” coming for at least a little while longer thanks to the World Series, think of the following as a little bit of an appetizer to tide you over until the arrival of the main course otherwise known as the start of the live shows. After all, it’s news about two of the most-popular groups from the American version of the show!

1. Fifth Harmony’s “Better Together” releases in part of the world – While these ladies may have found fame here in America, this is actually not the first country to get the five-song EP. Instead, that honor goes to the folks Down Under in Australia, along with New Zealand. This is mostly just due to the time in which music is released there rather than in America, so keep cool on some of the crazy conspiracy theories that we’ve already heard on Twitter.

This EP was already posted officially online for your listening pleasure, and thanks in part to its pretty affordable price, it should sell well with even casual fans of the group since it’s hardly like you’re shelling out a ton of money here.

2. Emblem3’s awkward / very bold meet-and-greet photo – Anytime that you are bored and want to see ridiculous tweets, all you have to do is go on the social networking site and type in “M&G” in the search box. This term is a hotbed for seeing just what people want to do upon meeting their favorite singers as well as what people who are jealous do when complaining about it. (We do understand, though, the people who are bummed out because they can’t afford a ticket.)

Want to know what we are talking about here when it comes to Emblem3? Click here. Basically, it involves a tongue, and we have no idea how someone was able to convince a musician to go through with this. Nonetheless, it’s proof that the band really loves its fans. This image has been all over social media lately, just as the guys themselves have been all over the country touring with Selena Gomez.

As we get closer to the start of the live rounds this season, check back as we’re going to have contestants rankings and more at that time.

Photo: Fox

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