‘The Mentalist’ season 6, episode 4 preview: Simon Baker, homeland security, and Red John

Take a look -At this point, it’s admittedly a weird feeling that we are near the end of the Red John investigation on “The Mentalist.” Just think about how long this has been going for at this point. Six years! But what may be even more surprising than that is just how long homeland security may have been keeping an eye on Patrick Jane.

While the extended promo below for tomorrow night’s “Red Listed” may be very much a red herring (obvious pun intended), there is a suggestion of “nine years” in here as an important frame of time. That is a long stretch for anyone to be doing anything. There are six Red John suspects still remaining , and this episode could be a big one when it comes to Simon Baker’s Patrick Jane keeping them a secret. He has to find a way to protect some people on a fake list that made it into the wrong hands, but at the same time keep his real list a mystery. We just have four words in response to this: Good luck with that. You have your work cut out for you and then some if you are Patrick Jane right now.

There are a couple of additional things worth pointing out here before this episode airs:

1. Be sure to set your DVRs for a huge stretch of time tomorrow night. The show is not even really making an effort at this point to remind everyone that there is going to be a delay, with the reason for that almost surely being a little something known as NFL football. We’re running into a classic overrun situation, and given that we are now deep into the season, it could be a long one.

2. This is an episode that the promo specifically says to watch closely during. There is only one way to properly translate this: A big revelation is going to be unveiled at some point during it. Excited? We hope so. We’re a mixture of that and unnerved.

There are only a few episodes left now until this case is solved, and if you want to read more news on what comes after the case is closed, click here. That’s where we have the first scoop on a man that will be entering the picture likely at the end of the Red John investigation.

Photo: CBS

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