2013 MTV EMAs: Redfoo, Miley Cyrus, Amsterdam, and a suitcase in first promo (video)

The latest -On Sunday, November 10, the party is apparently going to be hitting up Amsterdam in a big way, or at least a different way than it does any other day of the week. The 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards are going to be held in the city, and we have this sinking suspicion that pretty much every musician scheduled to appear is happy about this.

Basically, this city seems to be marketed in some ways as the Las Vegas of Europe, except with much more history and culture. There’s always a party going on, and with that in mind, who better to really take us through the proceedings than Redfoo? The LMFAO member has been on his own quite a bit as of late, and it seems like that is going to be the case yet again for this show. He still has the crazy afro, and he also apparently still has no problem stripping down to his underwear. There is at least one part of this promo that feels like it is for an awards show in 2011.

But at the same time, there is at least one part of this promo that reminds us that it is actually for a modern awards show: Miley Cyrus dressed in very little clothing. While this is in no way similar to what she did on another awards show very recently, you still have Miley here stuffed inside of a suitcase, and is apparently one of the many party supplies that Redfoo is taking with him. She is basically the musical version of Magnitude from “Community,” and brings a good time (or controversy) almost everywhere she goes.

While we are not a music site by any means, we will at least keep a close eye on this show, since being in Europe always does tend to bring out some of the crazier performances from artists afraid of annoying some of the more conservative folk here in America. Now if only Redfoo could get his group back together for a performance, then there would be no way that this show could get any better.

Does seeing another MTV awards show with Miley make you excited, or make you want to vomit? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below.

Photo: MTV

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