‘The Amazing Race 23’ preview: Fear and fun in the Arctic

Take a look -While you do see teams on “The Amazing Race” frequently travel to a variety of exotic locales over the course of the season, it is not particularly often that they choose to venture somewhere as cold as the northern part of Norway. This is the second season that we can think of off the top of our heads where they have been in this territory, and it’s a chance to see a completely different sort of terrain than anything that we have seen so far. Also, it brings to mind the excellent “Amazing Race Canada,” even if they are not traveling anywhere that appears to be as cold as Iqaluit here.

What is also interesting about the promo below for Sunday’s episode is that rather than even trying to emphasize some of the drama that could be taking place in Norway, the show is instead transfixed on the fun. That’s something that we never quite thought that we would see when you remember that Tim & Marie are still a part of this season.

But, there is at least a couple of teases that we can offer you about some of the drama that is coming up this week:

1. Remember that Express Pass? Well, someone is basically going to threaten the exes to get their hands on it in return for information. If we were them, we wouldn’t do it, since they still have their own Express Pass. They can use that if they need to, and give the other one away to someone who is not a threat.

2. Watch the airports, since there is almost surely going to be some sort of equalizer after the insanity that was getting to Portugal. While we are bummed about Chester & Ephraim getting eliminated in the way that they did, let’s be honest: If it was a non-elimination round, they would still be so far behind that there would be no way for them to catch up.

This preview comes a day after we shared some of the first rumors about an all-star season for “The Amazing Race” in the spring; you can see some of the rumored names over at the link here. Stay tuned for more!

Photo: CBS

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