‘Masters of Sex’ episode 4 preview: Who pays Virginia a surprising visit? (Video)

Masters of Sex -On Sunday night’s “Masters of Sex” episode, we are hopefully going to have an opportunity to see some forward movement on a story that has stalled over the course of the past couple of episodes: The study. There is still business to be conducted, but there are roadblocks in that Dr. Masters is now completely fixated on trying to find a way to have his research focus on people who are described as normal, and not members of a brothel or in a more controversial move by Masters, homosexuals.

The preview for this upcoming episode shows that there are going to be some new volunteers to take part in the study. So is all looking good for Masters and his team? Hardly. As it turns out (and in what should not come as a surprise to anyone), this is going to be so much more complicated than it should be. Let’s just say that Virginia is about to get herself hurt, or at least an attempt will be made to hurt her.

The rest of this episode is going to be spent by and large on the recruiting process, and as you would imagine at this point, that is not going to be an easy thing to do. To make matters all the more complicated, Masters’ home life now has much more going on courtesy of his wife’s pregnancy. This is in many ways a medical miracle that he experienced, and his wife may be wondering why he cannot show a little more emotion than he does over it. Given what the history books tell us about this relationship, you know how this is ending; however, you may have guessed it even if you know nothing about Masters in real life at all.

Is there anything in particular that you are hoping to see on this “Masters of Sex” episode? Be sure to share some of your thoughts on this subject below. Meanwhile, click here if you want to read our full review of what transpired this past week.

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