‘True Blood’ season 7: Could Alexander Skarsgard actually do ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, HBO hit?

A surprise -Over the course of the past week or so since the surprising departure of Charlie Hunnam from the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie adaptation, the internet has gone completely haywire with new rumors and names surfacing about people who could take the reigns as the famed Christian Grey character. One of the most-popular ones? Alexander Skarsgard of “True Blood” fame, even though the actor at 37 is significantly older than the character was in the books.

But there is an even more important question to ask here rather than just if Skarsgard is too old for the Christian Grey role: Is it even really feasible for him to do it? If Charlie had some supposed scheduling issues, wouldn’t it be even worse for Skarsgard? Let’s put it this way: Production on the film was originally going to start in a few weeks, but with the delay in casting a new lead, it could feasibly be December when filming starts. Production on a major movie takes months, even one like this where there are not too many special effects.

As for “True Blood,” guess when production starts? While an official date has not been revealed, think along the lines of December / early January. Therefore, something would have to give if Skarsgard were to do both. He would either miss a sizable chunk of the HBO show’s final season, or production would have to be extended or given weird hours so that he could tackle both roles at the same time. While Eric Northman’s fate was not looking great at the end of season 6, we have it on good authority that he is going to be alive (or at least in vampire form) and coming back for season 7.

So does this more or less rule Alex out? Not exactly, since producers for the show could realize that this is too big of a gig for him to pass up. But we see this as extremely unlikely, given that he is not even the reported favorite right now for the gig. That may go instead to Jamie Dornan, the 31-year old former star of “Once Upon a Time.”

But tell us: Would you rather have a full season of Skarsgard on “True Blood,” or for him to take on the Christian Grey character? Be sure to share below! We’ll have more news on both projects as they progress, with the latter being more dependent on if some TV-friendly names come into the running.

Photo: HBO

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