‘Law & Order: SVU’ season 15 video: See full farewell to Richard Belzer’s Munch

The latest -If you watched this week’s edition of “Law & Order: SVU,” then you already had that emotional farewell of John Munch (Richard Belzer) in your head. If there was one criticism that we did have from the event, though, it is that we wished that there was a little bit more of it (though him answering the phone at the very end of Wednesday’s episode was pretty perfect in a lot of ways).

Now, executive producer Warren Leight is giving us an opportunity to give an even more substantial farewell to the character via an extended video look at that farewell “roast” that we saw some of during the episode. Some of these scenes will feel familiar to you, but some add a little bit more humor. Ice-T’s bit is particularly engaging, and even though you know that this is a fictional show featuring fictional people, you really do get the sense that these people do love each other, and are going to miss Munch now that he is gone.

Moving forward, it is still going to be business as usual in the Special Victims Unit. Crime doesn’t stop with Munch’s exit, and there will eventually be someone (maybe Benson) who ends up taking his place. The hope here now is that there are some more interesting cases that become a part of the show’s history, and it lasts long enough for every other farewell on the series to have an equal sort of emotional weight to it. (Unfortunately, recent ratings suggest that the show probably only has one or two more seasons at best left in it.)

So just enjoy the video below for what it is: A nice little way to say farewell to a guy that you may have watched on TV now for over two decades in between his various shows. This is the sort of thing that you don’t typically see on television, and it is hard to say whether or not you ever will again.

If you are curious in reading our full review for last night’s episode all about Munch’s exit, click here. We will have more related to the show soon.

Photo: NBC

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