‘Bones’ season 9, episode 6 video: Who from Booth’s past has turned up for the wedding?

The latest -When you have an event like a large wedding, there is one thing that you can count on almost beyond the shadow of a doubt: You’re going to have a ton of guests, and not all of them are going to be people that you have spent most of your life getting along with.

One major example of this during next week’s “Bones” wedding episode and it is none other then Booth’s mother, who only recently came back into his life after he decided to bury the hatched and move forward. Joanna Cassidy is returning to the role that she first played last season, even if it is for just a small cameo. Based on the way in which this scene is constructed, where she just turns up to say that she is “proud of him,” we would be surprised if she ends up playing a larger role.

The real truth here is that when you have so many guest stars and people who have been an enormous part of the show over nine years, it’s an impossible task to fit them all in. No matter how you end up creating the situation, someone is going to be left out. In addition to you only having an hour of air time for the episode, there is also the issue of trying to schedule in all of the guest stars that you want to see appear. That is a similar issue to what we see happening with “How I Met Your Mother” a little later this season when they try to pull a wedding off of their own; there are too many people to fit into a normal episode of television.

“The Woman in White (Wedding)” is probably going to be the most-anticipated episode of the series until the eventual finale airs, so be sure you check this out live. You’ll be very sad if someone crashes this party for you and you don’t get an opportunity to check out everything for yourself.

If you want to see more from this episode, then just be sure to click here for the first promo, and a better look at the dress!

Photo: Fox

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