‘The X Factor’ UK week 2 song spoilers: What are Abi Alton, Luke Friend, Sam Bailey singing?

Abi Alton -In preparation for Saturday’s edition of “The X Factor” UK, ITV has just unveiled the love songs (the theme) that all of the contestants are going to be doing. This gives us an opportunity to be excited about some, to dread others, and to wonder whether or not contestants are playing it too safe if they really want to win the entire competition. Much of it will probably depend on interpretation, and also where they actually perform during the show. (With this flash-vote twist, going last is going to help you more than ever.)

Rather than waste too much time here, let’s get straight into looking at some of the selections.

Abi Alton, “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” – She will likely slow it down and make it an ethereal piano ballad. It will likely be awesome, and she will be criticized for being “boring” by some judge who tries to act like her albums would not be hits.

Hannah Barrett, “Beautiful” – This song is very melody-driven, so it will be hard for Hannah to get in some of those riffs that she so likes to do in her songs. Could be great.

Kingsland Road, “Marry You” – A very smart choice for the guys as they try to court the young girl audience. Given what James Arthur said about them this week, they need all the help that they can get.

Luke Friend, “Let Her Go” – We really hope that this is the song by passenger, since that would be incredibly-current and a good choice for Luke to stay modern.

Miss Dynamix, “Dreams” – To us, what really matters more about this group is that they feel more authentic. The entire first performance was just far too cheesy.

Nicholas McDonald, “She’s the One” – Nicholas is probably going to make a living this year doing songs that seem much too old for him, but still doing them justice anyway.

Rough Copy, “I Want It That Way” – If this was anyone else, we would be booing this choice off the stage., but these guys have the charisma to actually pull off the Backstreet Boys.

Sam Bailey, “Make You Feel My Love” – A great song that Sam will likely kill, but is there anything new that can come from it? You want to pick songs that show viewers of something new, not songs that they’ve already heard a dozen times.

Sam Callahan, “I Won’t Give Up” – Speaking of bad choices, why is Sam doing a song that both Nicholas and Giles Potter both already performed? We don’t think that he will be able to compare.

Shelley Smith, “Single Ladies” – Seriously? The main criticism we have of Shelley is that she’s much too cheesy, and this is going to be like her taking a swan dive into a giant bowl of queso in the middle of the stage.

Tamera Foster, “Beneath Your Beautiful” – We may not be the biggest Tamera fan, but perfect song choice. It’s modern, but not overplayed, and will feel like a unique performance to her.

Be sure to check back to this link tomorrow; we’re going to have our latest edition of contestant rankings then!

Photo: ITV

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