ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 3, episode 4 preview: Lisa Kudrow’s arrival; ‘Anthony Weiner’ episode

More scoop -Until we watch next week’s new episode of “Scandal” season 3, there are unfortunately few other names that we feel like we can refer to it as other than “the Anthony Weiner episode.” While not every element in here is based off of the controversial former Senator / New York Mayoral candidate, there are enough that are for it to be clear just who the show is trying to emulate here.

Let’s look at the facts: Olivia Pope and Associates take on a client that is caught sending inappropriate, sexual tests to a variety of different women. This man is also a Senator, but from Washington rather than from the Tri-State area. The other major difference? This man may also be wanted for the murder of one of the women that he was involved with texting. So in true “Scandal” fashion, the show has managed to take a story and amplify it to another, very-dramatic level. Good luck to Olivia getting this guy out of his current messy situation.

The synopsis below, in case you have not seen it yet, also sets up the arrival of Lisa Kudrow, who is going to be around for a little while in a role that is quite a far cry from “Friends.” Suffice it to say, Mellie is not going to be her Monica:

“With Pope & Associates still struggling to find clients, the team decides to take on a philandering senator who enjoys taking photos of his not so public areas. Meanwhile, Mellie gets involved in her own Scandal with Democratic Congresswoman Josephine Marcus (Lisa Kudrow).”

While there are elements of this story that do feel very much like a standalone case, we don’t really mind so long as it leads to the same level of revelations that we had on the show tonight. It’s all about how you build rather than necessarily giving us every piece to the puzzle right away; you just have to give us something.

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Photo: ABC

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