‘Two and a Half Men’ season 11, episode 4 review: Did Walden hook up with Jenny?

Walden and Jenny end up in bed -Last week’s episode of “Two and a Half Men” had a little bit more of a serious tone when Alan and Walden almost lost Berta, but at the end they were able to convince her to come back to work and all is right in the world. The one thing we didn’t see much about was Alan’s bizarre affair he’s having with his ex-girlfriend Lyndsey, but that’s coming back in full force tonight. Are they going to get caught? Let’s see if these two can continue to keep their dirty little secret for a while longer.

Alan is disappointed when he goes to meet Lyndsey and she stands him up because she couldn’t get away from her boyfriend. The next night Lyndsey tries to make it up to Alan by taking him out to dinner (and a hook up of course), but when a friend, Stephanie, shows up Lyndsey is afraid that their cover is blown and she forces Alan to her out, leaving him to fend for himself. The date with Stephanie turns into a hook up and when Lyndsey finds out she’s not too happy.

We loved the fact that Jenny was back and she brought her party friends to have fun with Walden as they play strip poker, get drunk and go to raves. Things get complicated when Walden wakes up in bed with Jenny and they can’t figure out if they actually did the deed or not. When Walden remembers that there’s a camera in his room they decide to watch it to see if they actually slept together or not. After watching the video they see that Walden did have sex with a woman, but it is with one of her friends. The more they watch the video they see more and more people coming into Walden’s room and hooking up. By the end there’s at least a half a dozen people hooking up in his room including Berta and James Franco.

As much as we liked last week’s episode, we definitely missed having Jenny and the energy she brings to the show. This was by far the funniest episodes we’ve seen this season and it was all due to the plot revolving around Jenny and Walden. Promoting Amber Tamblyn to a series regular is the best thing this show could’ve done to shake things up. Grade: A

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