‘MasterChef Junior’ preview: The most sadistic Mystery Box yet

The latest -There is not one thing that children hate more than than having to eat food that they don’t like, and we we imagine that this where some of the drama is going to come in on Friday’s “MasterChef Junior” episode. Not only are the young contestants going to be forced to make sure that they can cook some of their most-hated foods, but they must also find a way to do so while impressing the judges in a Mystery Fox challenge.

Some of the food made available to them to cook this around was the sort of thing that would generally have most other children running away in the other direction screaming: Livers, kidneys, sprouts, eggplant, snails, and even sardines that still have the heads attached to them. Nothing was sacred or spared in this challenge, and the winner would have a significant advantage in the elimination challenge that will happen in the second half of the episode. (Warning: Minor spoilers ahead.)

While Fox did not reveal who won the mystery box ahead of time, they did reveal that one of the kids who finishes in the top three is someone that you would not imagine to be all that capable given her age: Sarah. She is the youngest person left in the competition, and yet, she did something with the sardines that Joe Bastianich seemed to love. It’s so easy to fashion her into the fan favorite right now, given that she is so young, and still has so much energy and excitement about food. She says what she thinks, and this ultimately helps her all the more to make her that much more endearing.

While it’s hard to make out the two other people in the top three for this challenge, we’ll just say this: One of them is going to be very familiar. While these sorts of shows have a way of surprising sometimes, for the time being there is such a universal favorite that we occasionally run the risk here of a boring outcome. Let’s hope that this is not what we are building towards with this show.

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Photo: Fox

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