‘The Originals’ spoilers: Has Klaus changed? Joseph Morgan talks Hayley being part of the family

Meet the cast -The Originals” may only be a few episodes in right now, but they have already done a pretty great job of making one thing clear: Klaus is not the same hybrid that he was on “The Vampire Diaries” a couple of seasons ago. He’s already changed to a certain extent, and if he can already find a little bit of a different side of himself now, then you have to wonder just what he could be capable of a little bit later on down the road.

This is something that Joseph Morgan seems to be well aware of with his character at this point, especially given that for the first time in really his entire life, he has a substantial reason to change: Hayley. This is a woman who may not be his lover, but is someone that he could have some more of emotional bond with courtesy of this child that they are going to be raising together. The actor tells E! News that there is a much more nurturing side to his role, and we are seeing it come out slowly and surely in the time that he spends around Phoebe Tonkin’s character:

“We’re going to see a little more of his protective side, and I think indeed from the entire Mikaelson family. We’re going to see them kind of embrace the idea that this baby and therefore this person, this mother, Hayley, belong to us. She’s with us now.” 

If only Hayley could hear this, she would probably breathe a huge sigh of relief as there would no longer be a reason to worry anymore about getting abandoned or being in danger. These three, with their powers combined, are pretty dangerous and can pack a punch. On her own, she’s just a werewolf trying to deal with all sorts of insanity in a place in New Orleans that is not entirely friendly to any sort of supernatural creature.

While these two may be making a concentrated effort right now to get along more, you also have to remember this: Klaus has been a fairly evil badass for a very long time, so it’s probably not all that easy to ask of him to suddenly be a perfect guy and protector all around the clock.

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Photo: The CW

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