‘Glee’ season 5 spoilers: Adam Lambert describes Starchild role, story in ‘A Katy or a Gaga’

The wait begins -Who is Adam Lambert playing on “Glee”? You may know already that the answer to this question is “Starchild.” However, that is not exactly the sort of thing that you can really dig much deeper with based on the name alone, save for maybe that the character is very wild and over-the-top.

Luckily, Adam is here to fill in some of the cracks not just about his character and his performance, but also how his interactions with the rest of the characters in New York City (see Rachel, Kurt, Santana, and her new girlfriend Dani) fare. Speaking in a new video interview with the Press Association (which you can see below), Adam lays it all out there:

“I am singing a Gaga song that is really fun … It is really tongue-and-cheek. I’m playing a kid with with big dreams. He really reminds me of myself maybe seven years ago. He comes to the audition in a full costume and makeup, and REALLY over the top, and gets cut, because he’s told that it’s too much.”

The fact that Adam doesn’t make the group (which was originally meant to be a Madonna tribute) at the end of the day may be somewhat telling when it comes to how long he sticks around the show for. We hope not, and that he plays a little bit larger a part in the show for at least the rest of the fall. But, for whatever reason Ryan Murphy and the writers have been very secretive about the storyline this fall in the wake of all of the changes that were already made. Even for Adam, this role has morphed from what it was at the time when it was first announced prior to Cory Monteith’s death. Regardless of anything else, we’re just happy to see him there. It’s a great form of publicity for a guy who made a knockout second album, but never really got the promo for it that he deserved.

This story comes out mere hours after it was first confirmed that “Glee” season 6 will be the last one for the show, and that there are already being plans put into place in order to figure out the best possible way to say goodbye.

Photo: Fox

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