ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 3, episode 3 preview: Ready for Tony Goldwyn to get ‘tackled’?

Take a look -On Thursday night’s “Scandal,” President Fitzgerald Grant is going to be facing another threat. What’s the difference between it and the myriad of other threats that he has seen so far? The simple answer is that this one does not involve anything that he has done in the bedroom.

This episode has the potential to be literally explosive, as a bomb threat at the White House puts everything on lockdown just as Tony Goldwyn’s character is considering a “romantic getaway” (insert coughing sounds here) with his wife Mellie. This threat not only has them separated from much of what they want to do at the White House, but they are almost in a situation a la children being defended by overprotective parents. When Fitz tries to disregard the opinions of those around him, he is basically told that he will be tackled if he tries to put himself in harm’s way. See? The NFL is not the only place Thursday where you can see various tackling, and Fitz isn’t even wearing protective gear!

If Fitz manages to make it through this unscathed (which he seems to always do), all he will have to worry about from there on out are the assortment of other threats that he has already faced time and time again here, whether we are talking about the rumors of his affair still rocking his approval ratings, and a mysterious operation that could trigger an avalanche of trouble. The only person who could help him to sort the mess out in Jake Ballard, who is luckily going to be back on the scene soon. Unfortunately, he may be too preoccupied with trying to get back Olivia Pope to really care a you-know-what about helping out the President. He’s been handed over in the same way that Huck was years ago, so he has now entered a level of “wild card” status that was previously held only by Charlie Day’s character on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

What do you think about this video, and do you always enjoy it especially on “Scandal” when there is some sort of random Presidential drama that you don’t see coming? Be sure to share below! Meanwhile, click here if you missed for whatever reason the big news about Kerry Washington hosting “Saturday Night Live” in early November.

Photo: ABC

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