‘Glee’ season 5 spoilers: What Darren Criss, Naya Rivera are singing in Billy Joel tribute

The latest -Are the “newbie” characters going to have their own moments to shine again on “Glee” season 5? If one thing has been very noticeable about the season so far, it is that the likes of Jake, Ryder, Unique, and Marley has been relegated almost to the background over the first three episodes of the season. Kitty is the only one to get any sort of substantial screen time, and it was mostly because her story was tied to two other important characters in Artie and then Tina during the Beatles tribute.

Is that going to change during season 5? Definitely. As a matter of fact, you will see some changes coming for sure by the time that the sixth episode “Movin’ Out” (the Billy Joel tribute) airs. While there is still no word on if things are going to change soon for Marley or Unique, Jake and Ryder are going to have their moments in the sun. Want to see more? Then just view the song list below via the show’s official Wiki. (The performers here are not confirmed, but it comes from a reliable source.)

1. “Movin’ Out” – A strange song for Blaine (Darren Criss) and Sam (Chord Overstreet) to sing. Where are they going to be moving to while they are still in high school?

2. “Piano Man” – Tons of Blaine action this week, which makes us go back and think about the “Love, Love, Love” season premiere.

3. “My Life” – Jacob Artist’s Jake Puckerman gets a chance to sing what is the sort of “take that, world!” song that so many people embrace. It should at least be a pretty fun one to witness being performed.

4. “Honesty” – Artie (Kevin McHale) takes the lead on this one, and the title alone has us worried. What in the world could he be so concerned about when it comes to such a thing?

5. “An Innocent Man” – It’s a solo anchored by Ryder (Blake Jenner), who is very much a man of mystery right now when it comes to his story. He’s not gay, so despite the connection he has with Unique, they won’t be together; so with Marley and Jake together, what else is there?

6. “Just the Way You Are” – another song with Blaine, but he will be joined by the three regulars in New York and also Sam.

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Photo: Fox

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